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Maths SL IA

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I have no idea why I am in Maths SL, but, some how, I am.

So, I am having some problems with my Maths SL IA project and I just want to score a 4.


Does anyone have any tips or advice to help me score easy points? 


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If you used any math outside of syllabus, you should explain how it works. Additionally, if you are doing a regression, you can comment on how the formula was derived (eg minimizing vertical distances from the points to the regression line), without needing to derive it (which is actually beyond HL). It's not just about the calculations or math. If you explain all your thought processes and procedure, you can score well as long as your math is correct even if it's not advanced. I say stay away from any correlation because you have have to put all faith on the quality of the data, a factor you usually cannot control. If doing correlation it's best to do it on a known relationship, such as in the natural sciences. 

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