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Change 4HL to 3HL for retake

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I took May 2018 exams with 4 HLs( maths,chemistry,physics and EngB)

and got a 4,5,6,6 in each subject.

I missed Nov 2018 exam so I am thinking of retaking( I mean I must..lol)only maths or both maths and chem in May 2019

I want to change HL maths to SL to get more points. Is it possible to change the level for retake??

Should I retake chem as well?

my grades are

maths hl 4

phy hl 6

chem hl 5

eng b hl 6

kor a sl 6

b&m sl 6

2 bonus


Will there be enough time to do  the IAs and exam preparation for both maths and chem? or should I focus on maths??


Thank you!




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You can change your retake levels. You can carry over the IA grade if you are retaking the same subject (and same option for math HL) at the same level. So you do not need to redo chem IA if you do not want to. Contact [email protected] with your Diploma name, personal code, your Nov 2018 session number, previous diploma courses. You should tell them that that you want to retake math and change from HL to SL. You can write a new IA if you want, because the SL grading is a lot easier. But if you did well on the IA you can write to them asking for a transfer and it should most likely be awarded.

Finally, if you intend to resubmit any IA, you must attend classes, so the teacher can comment on the authenticity of your work. Any resubmitted IA must be on a completely different topic than any of your previously submitted works to IB. As such, you must clearly indicate to your coordinator if you want to resubmit IAs and you must finalize that ASAP.

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