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Help!! Are my subjects okay?? HKU HKUST

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I want to study business and the subjects I am going to take is

HL: Sport science, English B, Econ

SL: Math, Mother tongue A, Chem

PPl told me that HKU don't really care what subjects I take and care about what final points I receive. So I tried to select my subjects so that I can get the highest point out of it but do you guys think my subjects are too easy? Please give me suggestions anything is fine

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I also want to go study business, and Econ HL is really the only subject you need for that, or business if your school offers it. My opinion on your other subjects is as follows. Do not pick subjects you think will be easy and give you a 7. IB is not about that and you are kind of wasting your time if you are choosing subjects to get the highest score as possible. Choose subjects you like, but ones that will also challenge you. I love econ but also chem and physics, so I took those and have not regretted it. On the other hand, I have a friend who loved physics but he wanted to get an as high grade as possible in IB. He instead took an easier HL Dutch B, it's easy for him because he knows dutch already. He regrets every part of it and complains how he would love to do physics. Overall, don't pick your courses because it will get you closer to the 45/45. IB is all about challenging yourself in areas you enjoy. My brother is in university right now and is happy he chose subjects that he liked but were still very challenging, as the level of challenge in university for him is less than with IB, so it's a very calm journey for him rn. Good luck with your course choices and hope you make choices you won't regret! Pick those you like and that will challenge you, that's what it's all about and its a great preparation for later on.

Good luck

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