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Chemistry IA, Help!!!!!1

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Hi everyone,  I have an IA draft needed to be finished soon, but I'm not sure if this is too simple. 

My RQ is "Investigating the relationship between enthalpy change and number of carbon atoms in primary, secondary, and tertiary alcohols to find the most efficient alternative fuel to oil based fuels"

Any replies would be much appreciated!!

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I could be wrong, but I think it's simple for the reason that enthalpy of combustion are well-tabulated so there is not a lot of data processing. The reason that ethanol is so popular is due to natural fermentation processes (bioreactors), not really because ethanol has a greater enthalpy of combustion. It would be more interesting if you empirically determine the ΔHc but I am not sure what apparatus you need. For solids it's usually bomb calorimeter, but not sure for liquids. It also depends on what do you by efficient, because obviously longer the chain greater the ΔHc

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