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Is it possible to retake IA?

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As title says I don’t know if I can redo my IA from the past exams, since I presented back in May of 2018. I’ve seen that some people have stated that it is possible to retake both exams and IA, mentioning that is necessary that the student has or is taken classes in the previous school in which he or she was registered for the original exam session, but this contradicts with what my IB coordinator says. Apparently I can only resit the exams, but as you are aware IA have a noticeable impact upon final remarks, therefore I want to increase my opportunities in achieving a good grade in my subjects, maybe some of you have had or heard of similar cases, any help is appreciated. 


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You should respectfully clarify this issue with your coordinator. To re-write an IA, you must attend class. The school is under no obligation to automatically allow any exam resit, nor to automatically approve any IA re-submission. As expected, it is entirely within the school's authority to deny enrollment. You should respectfully clarify with your coordinator if your school does not permit you to resubmit IA (and resit exams) or if IB does not. The evidence to contradict the latter is in page 106 of English version of 2018 DP Assessment Procedures (which may be updated in 2019 but I do not have access to any) says the following


If a candidate wishes to resubmit work for internal assessment or for any other non-examination component, the candidate must attend classes at the school where he or she is registered for the retake session. This is because the subject teacher must provide academic guidance, mark work for internal assessment and confirm that all work is authentic.

It is not sufficient for the candidate to make minor changes to the work previously submitted, regardless of whether the coursework was internally or externally assessed. In principle, entirely different work should be submitted for assessment. However, the IB recognizes that for very substantial coursework tasks (for example, artwork for visual arts, the design project for design technology) this may not be feasible given the time constraints. In such cases substantial modification of the original work is acceptable. If modified work is submitted it will be marked as new; the candidate must accept that the work may attract a lower mark.


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