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Question about my chemistry IA topic

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Our teacher told us to make our independent and dependent variables of our research question quantifiable. And so I thought of these as I really want to do titration (Im SL btw) : 

1. How does the storage temperature of Sprite affect the concentration of citric acid?

^The problem with this is it even applicable - people usually store their soft drinks either in a fridge or room temperature. So I'm a bit confused and even if it is applicable, I need the intervals of temperature to go up by even intervals. How would I do that? 

2. How does concentration of citric acid in Sprite affect the pH?

^The problem here is that it is probably obvious that higher acid concentration gives increased pH. So I should strain away from this right? 


Do you guys think I could still do one of the following questions. Any help at all is appreciated!!!

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If the container is sealed, temperature should not change concentration of citric acid. I think you need to review your acid and bases. An increase in acid concentration will decrease pH. Pick a topic you know more about. 

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Or if you still want to chose between the two topics you should totally research about both of them then try to see which one is better. I am also kinda having a problem choosing a topic. The worst part is that I don't even have alternatives

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