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I need some help with choosing IB subjects!

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Hi :)

I'll be taking the IBDP starting from next year and today is the deadline to submit our choices. I know this may be a little late, but I'm struggling to choose between Biology and Chemistry SL. These are the subjects I'm going to choose:

Music HL
Psychology HL
Mandarin HL
English Lang Lit SL
Math Analysis and Approaches SL (updated IB math course - equivalent to IB standard math)
Biology/Chemistry SL

I'm planning to either be a musician or a music therapist, and this is why I have chosen both music and psychology at HL. However, I feel like the choice which I make for my science subject will impact greatly, especially if I wish to become a music therapist.

Which science subject do you guys think will fit better with psychology? What are the main differences between Bio and Chem SL, and which subject will be easier to achieve a high grade?


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You can see the two syllabi on PrepScholar because it's a bit hard to tell the differences between two different subjects. And from what I've heard from my guidance counselor (I'm in the same boat as you as I start IB next year), Bio apparently works well with Psychology; in addition, I've heard that it's easier to achieve a high grade in it because it's mostly memorization. Do you think you'd like to do an HL science instead of Mandarin? 

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