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please help a$ap (´༎ຶོρ༎ຶོ`)

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So I find a IA topic that is very relevant to myself and holds my interest, but my chemistry teacher gets annoyed at me telling me that my experiment is very “duH”, I wanted to neutralize antacid tablets and find how much acid each brand of tablet actually neutralizes to see if it is effective or not. This idea to me is not “DuH” at all , but she said that the more Calcium Carbonate or whatever material is in the tablet you have the more it will neutralize. The sad part is that it is an internal assessment and therefore she herself will be marking it so I can’t go against her and still do the topic :( I don’t want to change my topic but I was wondering what i could do to “spice” my IA up. Variables such as heat produced or activation energy required to neutralize the acids was on my mind but I still need someone to give me an actual clear idea.  

Thanks for the help. <3 

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