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So for my IA i decided to look at viscosity and the effect that temperature has on the viscosity of honey. The experiment doesn't require any chemicals and i'm really worried bc i want it to be a good report. For the procedure, i was just gonna heat up different samples of honey and drop a marble in them to see how much time it takes to reach the bottom. Is my topic too simple? My teacher said that it could be the simplest experiment ever but if u do the report and stuff right then u can score really high. How can i make it more complex? I'm in SL chem btw.

Research Question: How does temperature affect the viscosity of honey?

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This is a somewhat bad chemistry topic, because you need a relatively strong grasp of physics (eg free body diagram on the marble and drag equation, consider the buoyant force, likely then use net force to find acceleration and time). Another thing is that any data you compare to are also empirically-found, rather than based on some theoretical model (ie very hard to extrapolate, can only interpolate). It does involve some thermodynamics (thermal chemistry) but it wouldn't be a strong chemistry topic, This would be an ok to good physics IA topic, though.

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