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I'm currently working on my TOK presentation and I showed a draft of it to my teacher and he said I should change my real life situation. For reference my CKQ is focusing on scientific knowledge and its capabilities. My real life situation is Stephen Hawking's latest book Brief Answers to the Big Questions, particularly focusing on the first chapter is there a god . He said my RLS should be based on the real world and I don't really understand what he means by that, given that the book is basically a book of Hawking's collated answers to the most common questions he is asked, with many of these answers coming from interviews. Can I get some people's thoughts on whether I should change it?

Also, do I need to have a slide or a bit in my presentation where I talk about the extraction of my CKQ from my RLS? I know a few people in the year above me who didn't do this and still did well with the same teachers we have now but I'm unsure if this is a requirement.


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