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How can I improve my criterion E for ITGS IA?

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As you know, for the criterion E of ITGS IA, it says I must use at least three advanced techniques from the list. I am making a website, so I think I must focus on the "multimedia" section. The website was created using WIX. I first wrote about html coding, where I created tables to introduce the products. HTML was also used for paragraphs and introducing the company as well. Secondly, I wrote about Integration of components using advanced features from other applications, that is embedding google maps using html. Lastly, I indicated the Proficient integration of the different elements of multimedia. Here, I talked about creating slideshows and adding various effects using WIX features on the background images. However, I feel these three explanations are too simple. Do I have to add more techniques so that I can show that the techniques are advanced? 

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Actually you should not focus on multimedia section. Website development is under the title of “Products developed using web-based templates and Web 2.0 tools”. I am attaching a photo in which you can see the basic and advanced techniques for this type of project. If you have used at least 3 of the mentioned “advanced techniques”, there is no need to worry. 


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