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Can you write an entirely new EE after you have finished the IB if you feel unsatisfied with the grade you've been given?

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Yo, so I wanted to know whether you can make a new EE altogether to upload to the IBO?

I finished the IB in may 2018, recieved my grades, my EE was predicted as A, was happy you know (context around 80% of my year were predicted from C-D), go to check my grades, i got a D. Really didn't understand why but with some personal circumstances i was unable to follow up with the standard procedure to improve it or resend the final version in case of an error. Been a few months now, i have the time now to see whether i can do something but i can't seem to find any information about whether i can or not. I've even thought of making an entirely new EE since it would actually take more work to fix the old one that to start a new one. 

Any useful responses will be appreciated!!

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If you register as a retake (R), you can retake the EE. You probably are too late for May 2019 but you can register for Nov 2019 and the price is about 180 euros. It can be either a revised EE or an entirely new EE. You also have to submit the reflections along with it, and therefore need a supervisor. 

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