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Could you help in answering some questions

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Can anyone help in my BM HL IA.

I don't know how to frame the research proposal................ and the client isn't telling the problem or the proper data....

and also in CS IA, what exactly is a success criteria..?

Math IA - what exactly is math exploration/math project? what is the difference?



Can anyone help me understand the difference in essay and presentation in TOK?

the difference I mean that, is the content of essay and presentation have to be the same? (the content I mean, the KQ)

is KQ supplied from the IBO, or do I have to frame KQ by myself?

What is the marking range for TOK? does both essay and presentation count as total?


What is the major difference between EE and IA?


in managebac, the only method to let my supervisor review my CAS is by emails.

But what happens if the supervisor does not have an email..??


tips for managing time (+i know it sounds absurd, but unexpected test invigilated by the teacher makes my calender a more mess - since i have to reclassify the time - as time is limited)


How do u organise the time for cas when there are more stuff to do in academics..


are there any minimum requirement for CAS..?


(BTW i'm 2018 batch)


and why do i procrastinate more than when i was 10th grade..?

and how do i solve this??


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First of all, you are considered the 2020 batch, for lack of a better word. It's always the year of graduation that defines a class. You may likely get more in-depth answers for some of the general questions using search bar on the top right (eg IAs, ToK, time management).
1. B/M IA: no idea

2. CS IA success criterion: no idea

3. Math Exploration: exploration is the official name for the IA. In roughly 6-12 pages, you are to demonstrate personal input in a math problem or topic. Personal input include anything from collecting own data, explaining the solution in greater detail than what may be published, finding relationships between math topics (especially in HL), providing your own solution (especially for modelling problems), explaining false steps or struggles in solving the problem.

4. ToK. the presentation worth a third of final grade and the essay worth two thirds. The KQ is provided for essay but you need your own for presentation. The two are separate.

5. You only write on EE, but write or conduct one or multiple IAs for each subject. EE contribute to your grade by using its mark as A/B/C/D/E and ToK grade as A/B/C/D/E to determine the core points for a maximum of 3 points. IAs contribute to your grades as a percentage of the final grade. Say you scored 70% on an IA that is worth 20% overall, then essentially you accumulated (70% * 0.2 = ) 14% towards your overall grade. In general, IA asks for more subject-specific content, but in some sense the guidelines for EE are more general, but the great majority EEs can only be on one subject. The EE is an extensive research project and is much longer and time-consuming than most IAs.

6. Managebac: uhhh you probably need to talk to your coordinator and figure it out.

7. Time Management, look to focus on at least 3 subjects a night, rather than one subject for each day of the week. It's probably you are overthinking how difficult everything is or are overwhelmed. Attempt to break everything into smaller chunks rather than finish an assignment in one sitting.

8. CAS: Look for something that requires little travel (eg at school or near where you live). Look for commitments on the weekends or during lunch. You need to fulfill everything on the seven learning outcomes. IB has phased away from hour-counting as the quality of the experience is more valuable than the duration. In general, the tasks should not be mundane or repetitive. 

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