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Subject Selection for CS HL

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I want to pursue CS HL and go in the field of robotics, so I have chosen Physics HL, Maths AA (For those who don't know, AA stands for Application Analysis, maths has been divided into AA and AI HL/ SL) HL, CS HL, Psychology SL, English SL and French SL. What are the basic requirements an MYP student should have to take CS HL? (For example, we should know HTML, CSS, Python etc.)

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Depends  on the school I guess. Perhaps you should ask the CS HL teacher at your school about this. At my school no prior no knowledge of cs is needed for the course as you learn these things from scratch as you go along. But I think a general interest in CS is all you need ;)

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Hey there!

Do you have any universities you want to go to?

Subject specific requirements are displayed on the pages of individual courses so definitely have a look.

Even if you don't have a concrete idea of where you want to go just look on the internet, you will most likely find some similarities.

I know that your subject choices are very strategic to go into this field so it looks good to me :)

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