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Chronicle of a death foretold Written Assignment

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Hello, I am writing my written assignment for French Literature SL on Chronicle of a death foretold based on the techniques used to contribute to the mystery and intrigue of the novel. How does magical realism contribute to this? And what quotes would you recommend me using? I am totally stuck. 

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Unfortunately, this forum is not the place to ask other people for easy answers to your assignments. Remember that each assignment is supposed to be done individually!

That said, I am familiar with the feeling of being stuck, so here are some ways that I've used in the past to get the ball rolling:

  1. Go over your notes again
    • If your teacher lectured on the work, read over your notes again. You might find some interesting ideas that you haven't thought of before or forgot about.
    • This is also really good for finding important quotes. If your teacher said something about it, it's probably an important quote that would hold up to some deep analysis.
    • If you don't have notes, look for some online. Chances are, someone will have posted something about it that you can look through for inspiration. 
    • Don't rip off the notes! They are a resource, but you shouldn't copy anything from them. If you get any ideas from them, make sure to expand on them enough to make them your own. 
  2. Brainstorm! Take a pen & a scrap piece of paper and write down all the ideas that come into your head.
    • It doesn't matter if it's good or not - this is just a brainstorm, you can polish the ideas later. You don't even have to use all of the ideas you come up with if you don't think they're good.
    • You don't have to write complete sentences, but make sure whatever you write has more substance than a two-word bullet point. I find that writing bulleted words makes me be lazy, so I don't flesh out my ideas well enough to write an essay -- I end up feeling stuck when I try to actually write the essay with the brainstormed points if I don't expand on them enough
    • If you work better with visual brainstorms, you could try drawing lines/arrows between ideas that connect together. Make sure to explain it in words too, though - sometimes you don't fully understand the connection until you explain it fully.
    • I like whiteboards for brainstorms because they offer a lot of flexibility on how you want to visually arrange your ideas. Sticky notes work well for this too, if you don't have a whiteboard.
  3. Find someone to talk at
    • I say "talk at" because although talking to people is a great resource, it's best if your ideas are still your own. Other people can help you troubleshoot your thought process, but they shouldn't be doing all the thinking for you.
    • This is probably my favorite method to get un-stuck from my assignments because it forces me to explain my ideas in a way that is understandable to other people. If your ideas are too abstract, it can cause your brain to get jammed. Explaining it to other people will force you to sort out your own ideas.
  4. Take breaks! Go on walks outside. It's scientifically proven to lower your stress hormone (cortisol) levels. Too much stress can stop you from thinking properly (because our dumb brains were made for survival, not philosophy). Whenever I feel like I am not getting anywhere, I pick myself up and do some exercise. If you download a pedometer on your phone you could track it for CAS hours too ;)

 Good luck!

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