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EE help!

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I formed a question already but I'm not sure if it is specific enough. I've actually altered it multiple times, so I'll also list those out as well. Please give me some feedback on these potential research questions!! I know they seem really similar but I want to choose one that's specific enough.

1. To what extent does birth order play a role in determining personality?

2. To what extent does birth order influence intelligence?

3. To what extent does birth order play a role in career choices?

4. How are Freud and Jung's views on the psychoanalytic theory of dreams (theory of the unconscious) similar and different?

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Hey there!

I assume you chose psychology for your EE.

First of all: the following feedback is just my opinion so I don't want to offend or say that I am always right so you don't have to follow my advice.

Question 1 is going to be hard to answer as there are not quantitative measures of personality so I would avoid it. Unless you have a study that in some way quantifies personality I don't think its a good fit.

Question 2 is similar to question one in a way that you will have to reference a study to quantify intelligence such as results of an IQ test. For these first two questions, I would DEFINITELY mention a study in the question.

Question 3 is also a question where you would definitely need statistics of some kind.

Question 4 is a very good question as it is specific and there are a lot of sources available on it. If you start researching and realize that it is too broad then I would focus on either similarities or differences but if not then you're good to go! In my opinion, this is the best EE question out of the four.

I hope this helped and good luck :)

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