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Does the History IA Need Footnotes?

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Provide you reference properly you don't necessarily need to include footnotes in the sense of additional text, unless it seems helpful or relevant to do so. However you do need to reference, so if by footnotes you mean referencing where required... you definitely do have to do that.

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On 3/9/2019 at 9:25 PM, Sope said:

I mean if I can avoid doing footnotes I will actually do a backflip, I just hate them.

I hate them too, it's annoying. But my teacher won't shut up about making us put in footnotes (references), and in fact one of my teachers (an examiner) said someone lost a diploma for missing one(1) footnote reference.

Better to put it in for safety, I guess? Just start footnoting from when you start writing itself, then you won't find yourself making up access dates for websites later :P

Good luck!

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