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I do language and literature SL and recently had to submit a written task. We had to base our written task based on a poem we had studied till now.

I chose the poem Mrs. Midas by Carol Ann Duffy - https://www.scottishpoetrylibrary.org.uk/poem/mrs-midas/.

I the events in the poem as a short story from Mr. Midas' perspective which was not explored in the poem, trying to provide an alternative perspective to what was given in the poem, however my teacher scored me a 12/20, giving me a 4/8 for the criteria regarding using the appropriate style for the task and having a good understanding of the content, claiming it was too basic and I had simply restated things already in the poem. However, I have added in a significant amount of information about how his feelings contrasted with his wife's possible feelings and feel I have explored the text well.

My teacher has given me permission to rewrite this task. Could anybody suggest any way I could improve to get a better grade by possibly changing my topic. I have gotten 6's and 7's on all other lang lit tasks and don't want this to ruin my grade.


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If content is at issue, then you may have dealt with the problem already by changing and refining this (as you say in your post, above). It is hard to say anything more on this score, since none of us have any idea what content you wrote originally and just recently.

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