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Math Analysis or Application

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I had a query regarding the new Math syllabus change which will be put into effect from this year.

As everyone knows the IB Math has been segregated into two components.

- Mathematics Analysis and approaches

- Mathematics Application and Integration

To be honest I'm not a Math person and don't have any interest in pursuing the subject at a higher level.

Hence which course would be easier for a non math person, who dosent require exemplary numerical skill in the future. 

What exactly is the freaking difference between Analysis and Application, I've got no idea whatsoever?

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From my impression, A/A is the current SL/HL and A/I is the current studies with some additional stats and technology. I guess by that logic, Applications/Interpretations would be easier but not free 7 by any means.

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I believe there was a post on Reddit by a teacher who stated that neither was easier than the other (as even Applications had components of previous year HL math), but A&I (Applications and Interpretations) was for those who wanted to apply math to real life. I agree with kw0573 that you should do Applications. 

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