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I need help with my Natural Sciences Think Piece

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I need ideas on how to respond to this question...

To what extent does the methodology of the natural sciences act as a corrective to the errors that arise in personal knowledge?


we have to use all these analysis in our essays:


>Thinking fast and slow (intuition/reason)
>The limitations of other Ways of Knowwing (WoK) (sense perception, memory, language, reason, etc...)
>Evidence from Climate Change Debate (covered in your Socratic Dialog)
>Integration of WoKs into a method (not isolation)
>Scientific Method
>Kuhn/Popper (Confirmation Bias, Falsification, Paradigms)
>Article: Evaluating Scientific Theories (15 Criteria)
>Science and the Ways of Knowing portion of Natural Sciences Slide Deck
>Knowledge Framework - Natural Sciences (contained in Natural Sciences Slide Deck)
>Baloney Detection Kit (Slide #69)
Focus on the limitations of two WoKs and the extent to which the methods of the Natural Sciences “corrects” them. No black or white thinking permitted. Detailed exploration including use of micro-concepts, comparing and contrasting, using examples, examining different perspectives, etc...


There needs to be around 1000-1200 words

Thanks for the help :)

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