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IB Scheduling

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Hi, I'm a M21 Pre-IB in the US, and I am more or less set with my scheduling for the next 2 years, but I wanted to check and see if I can get any feedback/suggestions on my schedule

(I am going into IB DP, so I'll be also doing CAS and EE)


Literature HL 1

French B SL Seminar (first half of French B SL)

US History HL (first half of History of the Americas HL)

Design Tech HL 1

Math Analysis HL 1


AP US Government/Politics

AP Macro Econ

AP Computer Science A (online)

AP Biology (online)


Literature HL 2

French B SL (second half)

History of the Americas HL (second half)

Design Tech HL 2

Math Analysis HL 2

Chemistry SL Seminar (first half of Chemistry SL)

Chemistry SL (second half)


AP European History (online)


My ECs:

Math team (will be co-captain y1, and captain y2, and as a result of that, may have AP Calculus BC attached to y1 as an independent study sponsored by the Math Analysis HL teacher)

Model UN

French Club (may join)

Math Tutoring (unless it disbands next year)

Environmental Club (will join if I need service hours)

I have no idea what to do for activity hours, might have to find an easy way out like jogging


I am the type of person to work best under pressure, and like to be competitive, and I'd appreciate any words of wisdom (perhaps suggestions or feedback)!


Edit: Here are all the subjects that my school offer for IB:

Group 1: Literature HL

Group 2: German, French, and Spanish SL (only eligible for French, due to the Pre-IB requirements for all language acquisition courses)

Group 3: History of the Americas HL and Geography HL (History of the Americas HL required for graduation)

Group 4: Design Tech HL and Biology HL

Group 5: Math Analysis HL, Math Analysis SL, Math Applications SL (Requirements passed for all 3)

Group 6: Theatre HL, Visual Arts HL, Dance HL

Graduation requirements: AP US Gov/politics and AP MacroEcon OR Gov/Econ Honors

Y2 only classes (must choose 1): Biology SL, Physics SL, Chemistry SL, Visual Arts SL, Theatre SL, Psychology SL, and Dance SL

Online classes are offered separately by my state's virtual school system (which I am familiar with as I've taken 2 this year, one of them being AP Statistics.

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