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hi for my tok presentation I've chosen an rls related to the French Islamophobia. it talks about the French far-right 

is this a good rls and should my AOK be ethics or human sciences for this?

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Everytime there's a hot button political issue, it's always thin ice for such a presentation. TOK is meant to teach logical, rational and critical thinking, and going after one of the most controversial topics right now can be both good or bad.

In short, yes it's valid from many perspectives. It lends itself to various subjects within social science, including history, geography, political science, economics, religion, philosophy etc. It's a complex topic that encompasses a wide range of points and could be done quite well if you are prepared for it.

On the other side, it's very easy to be carried away. Your TOK presentation is not a speech, nor is it activism or propaganda. If you're going to straight up stand up there and say that right wing is wrong without breaking it down, it would probably be a bad presentation. Ethics is also even thinner ice, because of the intangible things that are part of it.

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