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So my school is keen on me doing the tok presentation with a peer and well i dont really want to. they are kind of scaring me like i might not pass because i am doing it alone and what not. So, i dont really know. should i do it with a peer or doing alone is fine. 

And another question. Is it fine if my claims and counter claims branch out from one real life situation? or do i need a different real life situation for claim and counter claim?


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I did my presentation with a partner, but remember that the amount of content needs to be proportional to the number of people in the group. I think it's good to be in a group unless you can't find anyone you can work with.

Claims and counter-claims should be general, as opposed to specific to your RLS. Feel free to have examples outside of your RLS to support your claims and counterclaims. 

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I think the group limit size as specified by the IB is between 1-3 people, but your school/teacher may have internal reasons for setting such limits. 

Your claim and counter-claims should be drawn from / be inspired by your RLS, but need to be de-contextualized, so generalized. Then you pivot them into new RLS, ideally from a different topic and AOKs. The aim is to show that two seemingly unrelated things are in fact linked by the same knowledge question. 

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