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Is this IB subject combination manageable?

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I'm starting the IB next year (currently in PreIB) and I'm thinking about what subjects to choose. I want to study psychology or something related to linguistics in the future, but I might still change my mind lol

So, would such a subject combination make sense? Would it be manageable? 

HL: English A L&L, Biology, Geography

SL: Math AA, German ab inicio, Visual Arts/Spanish B

I'm especially worried about Eng A L&L, as English is not my native language (+ I would have to brush up on my reading, as I haven't read much classical literature yet). I am also unsure of group 6 - I either want to take VA (I don't feel like I'm talented enough for it though) or Spanish B (but then I'd have 3 languages in total)...

I'd be so grateful for any help 💖

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I think you will be able to manage with these subjects. But make sure that you are able to fluently speak and read in English. Also remember, if you really really really (like really!) enjoy the subjects you have taken in HL then continue with your options. And I don't really think it is such a great idea to take 3 languages because it might get very hectic for you. Maybe you can look into Business or Economics or Film (if you enjoy these subjects). 

Also, make sure what subjects are required for the University you plan on going to.

All the best!

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