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Hi, I have come up with an RS "How does the acquisition of Whole Foods by Amazon impact its global market share in the e-commerce industry?", where it's mostly focused on researching on Amazon, especially its global market share. However, the internet and other sources have too much about Amazon and I am a bit confused and thrown back on which areas about Amazon should I research on. I plan on creating a checklist of basic areas I should research on so that I don't go off-track. Can I get some ideas about what should I be looking out for when researching? (like find statistics about its global market share, competitors and etc.)

Many thanks in advance!

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Personally, I would start by looking at their annual reports for the last few years, as there's usually a lot of information contained in those and, as they're prepared for shareholders, they're usually pretty easy to read. Also, Amazon/WholeFoods strike me as the sort of companies on which there would be case studies (Harvard Business School does great ones, if you can get your hands on them), so that is also an avenue you could explore. 

Good luck! 

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