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If I already did the Creativity requirements for CAS, do I still have to keep doing it?

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Hi everyone! 

I have been focusing a lot on my CAS experiences to try to get them out of the way from the second year apart for two/three that I normally do. I have done tons of creativity, service and activity. According to Mange Bac, I have 100% of my CAS done and I have not uploaded some of my reflections on the site yet. The experiences I plan to keep are only Service and Activity, there would be no creativity. I did a service trip with my school and there we did so much stuff about creativity I think it would be more than enough. 


So I was wondering if I had to keep doing creativity until the second year, or if I can do only Activity and Service as my CAS for the rest of my second year? 


Thank  you!

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The short answer is technically not, but it certainly looks a lot better if you continue to do some creativity stuff throughout IB because it looks good, and adds credibility to your other activities so it's not "doing something for the sake of CAS and nothing else". You can certainly do it at a reduced pace though, like maybe an hour or two per month.

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