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hey there!

so i have my history exams in a little over a week (i'm in HL & we studied 20th century history but that's not super relevant to my question) & i'm kind of freaked out about the 90min time limit for paper 2. my question is: say i only have time to finish writing one essay in those 90 minutes, assuming its a decent/good essay, what kind of score will i get? 

just so that i can gauge how concerned i need to be with making sure i get both essays completed in time. (also, i'm not trying to do super well in history or anything, i just want a 3 or higher so that i can get the diploma -- i'll do well on paper 1 & my IA is good, for context) 

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this depends on how much did you get in your IA and how will you do in the other papers.

anyhow, my advice would be to write a relatively two good essays instead of writing one super good essay.

let's say you get 9s in both essays (getting 9 is relatively easy since you only need to understand the question to be able to get it), then you end up with a 18/30 which is much better than a 15 (highest mark awarded for a super good one essay). Also, my teacher told me that one of the best essays in the ib exams 2017(word count was close to 3000 words) only scored a 14, so it is really hard to score full mark in an essay even if it was very detailed and contained critical analysis and different perspectives.

however, if you're not aiming for a high grade, and you did well on your IA (like got a 15 out of 25), got a 14 out of 30 in paper 2 , got a 15 out of 24 in paper 1 and a 20 out of 45 in paper 3 , then your total will be 5 out of 7 so that's pretty good I think

hope this helps, good luck!

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