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Extended Essay - PLEASE HELP

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So my extended essay is due in a week and a half. I’m doing it in English and haven’t even read one of my books. Is there any possible way I am going to get it done in time??

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It's possible to do an essay in this amount of time but I guess it's unlikely to be as good as if you had approached it seriously ie given yourself adequate time to think and prepare. The research question is very important and I am surprised you were able to come up with a research question without having actually read part of your subject material - I suspect your research question may not be very good (because it's kind of crazy to come up with an idea for something you've got no pre-existing ideas about) and before you embark on writing the actual essay you should give careful consideration to whether it needs re-wording in light of what you've actually read. Having an appropriate research question is probably the most important thing with the EE, because a bad question will make the whole essay bad no matter how much effort you put in. 

In any case, I would suggest you spend this current time on reading your subject matter and writing your essay rather than on here!

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