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Looking For Some Funny TOK Topics

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I'm a non-IB student who somehow ended up in TOK for my last year, and now we're starting our TOK essays and presentations. 

Im pretty awful at think up KQ's and other topics but my interest recently piqued when our teacher gave an example of a presentation that used the RLS of men choosing certain urinals, or one in which a student question whether or not mayonnaise really is an instrument. 

With those in mind, I'm not excited to write a paper and talk ad nauseam for something as silly and asinine such as that, and I think it'll be reliving as most everyone else I know is doing more "serious" topics.

However, even with this in mind I'm still struggling to think of some "deep-questions" with a humorous edge,  and I was wondering if any of you had any in mind? Thanks!

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I did mine on how we pick which charity we donate to and managed to find some funny clips and pictures to put in it, I think it was also vaguely interesting. I tried to do all of my IB presentations on something I personally thought was actually interesting... it's so much easier to talk about things and keep an audience's attention. I think any question which looks at how we make decisions in our lives and where that knowledge comes from has the potential to be TOK if you thought about it hard enough. Depending on the subject it can be funny. That can be something to think about - I also think that anything which deals with current/world affairs is more interesting and can amuse people more than generic questions because it seems more relevant to their own lives.

Also just FYI it's ad nauseam and asinine! 

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A non-IB student in TOK... sounds like you made the wrong people angry 😆

TOK is a great topic because anything interesting probably has a TOK angle to it. What I mean is that often the topics that a teacher go off on a tangent about during lessons because it's interesting, but then stops themselves and says, "We really don't have time to talk about that, it's not in the syllabus" is probably TOK.

The best KQs come from RLS that are at the crossroads of two opposing AOKs, esp. if one of them is Art or Ethics as those always bring out the most emotion. If you are wondering where to find various RLS, TED Talks are a great place to start. You can filter videos by topics, so pick something like Art and Sense Perception and voila! you'll get some ideas.:-)

I am a big fan of relevant, personal examples as it demonstrates thoughtfulness on the student's part. Good luck!

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