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Is "To what extent has the presence of uberX in Sydney been beneficial to the city’s point-to-point transport industry?" a good RQ for my Econ EE?

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My teacher says I need to include a specific piece of economic theory in the question. Problem is, my essay focusses on several aspects of economic theory. My essay is structured basically as:

1. Allocative efficiency

2. Productive efficiency

3. Labour market

4. Effect on taxicab drivers

5. Indirect tax implemented by the government

There's no way I can synthesise all of those things into one aspect of economic theory, because... it's lots of aspects of economic theory? Is that OK?

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I can't really help as I don't know enough about Economics but if I were you I'd google 50 Excellent Extended Essays and try to find some examples of high scoring Economics EEs. They should give you a feel for the kind of things which have scored highly in the past and whether they dealt with a single aspect or multiple aspects. Then I'd be tempted to model the depth of your essay on one of those high scoring essays from the past. I did that with my Philosophy EE to get an idea of how I should treat my topic, and it worked a treat. I wouldn't have written it in the closely argumentative way I did without those past EEs for inspiration.

Edit: A quick google I found http://concordianlibrary.weebly.com/uploads/2/3/3/1/23317138/1_econ_jagelka_essay.pdf for instance

There is a series of old EEs called '50 Excellent Extended Essays' floating around out there. I assume they all scored either perfect or very high scores.

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