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Howdy, fellow IB kids


I'm really struggling to find a RLS for my TOK presentation. I had to come up with a knowledge question really suddenly and it is "To what extent does one have the responsibility to share (substantial) personal knowledge?" 

My main idea for the RLS is to find a case where authorities, scientist have kept a secret from the public that could potentially be really important. Right now my only RLS idea is from the show "The 100" where they are all up on a space ship or something and an engineer finds out that the oxygen will soon run out. When he tells the president, he doesn't allow him to share the discovery to others and kills him to make sure of it. 

My teacher said that this will probably work, but a REAL RLS would be much better. 

So if you have any ideas of incidences kind of similar to that I would be REALLY GRATEFUL!

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I like the knowledge question :-)

I would definitely agree with your teacher, REAL RLSs are better than fictional ones. You could use the example of Darwin or Copernicus, who both knew developed society changing knowledge but waiting a long time before publishing. Please do some research on it, but Darwin knew about evolution for about 20 years before publishing, Copernicus nearly never published if it wasn't for the encouragement of a young astronomy who came to study under him.

It might be hard to pivot to other examples as I too found many interesting ones in fiction :-) But, I can say that in ethics saying or not saying what you know is really key. For example, in business sharing what you know could violate "insider trading" laws while for a lawyer saying what you know might violate confidentiality. There's quite a bit to explore it turns out!

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