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So I'm doing my ToK presentation in a week and I'm having a lot of trouble coming up with claims and counterclaims since we were never really taught how to make them in class. 

My knowledge question is: How can emotion influence decisions made by society and is it more effective than reason?

My AoKs are the arts and Human Sciences and WoKs are Emotion and Reason. 

My main RLS is the Manchester Bombing and I am talking about how people made the decision to donate a large sum of money to the victims and families of this event and I have 2 sub RLS. One being the burning of Notre Dame cathedral and how it took such little time to raise that much money and the other one is about a woman named Jennifer Collins who was charged with second degree murder of her child. 

I was able to find a claim and counterclaim that fits with the second sub RLS but I am not able to think of one that fits with the first. 


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I am not sure how I can help but I’ll try. 

It’s not clear to me how the RLSs relate to the AoK as I don’t immediately see the link of a bombing, a fire, and a murder to Art or Human Science. I more readily see ethical issues in them than the others. 

You say you have a claim for one, but which one? I can’t really evaluate it as you don’t write it, unless I missed it or didn’t see the link. 😞

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