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Are you allowed to write about a text you didn't study in class but is in the booklist

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Please clarify the class and level you are taking.

There are two book lists. In Literature, the relevant one for paper 2 is the "prescribed list of authors". All paper 2 texts must belong to the same genre and all written by different authors in the PLA. In Language/Literature, at least one of the texts is in the "prescribed literature in translation". In addition, the works must be not be duplicated in the course or in any other course (eg cannot be one of your IOP work, or as part of another Language A course). So at the minimum, the texts you use must satisfy these criteria. 

Even if the school does not list what books are taught, IB will know by looking at what the other students in your class will have written about. Your school may impose some sort of punishment once they find out. I don't think IB will care (once all above stipulations are met) but the only safe choice is to write about the works you studied in class for paper 2. 


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