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How easy is it to get a 1/0?

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So I took the IB Physics papers last Friday and two days ago. When taking the first paper, I only knew of about 3 or 4 questions I answered correctly (out of 30). When I got to the second paper, I knew nothing except for one question part. My teacher completely skipped over a few topics, and paper 2 was almost entirely one topic (I don't know if I'm allowed to say what topic). Paper 3, the option, was better than Paper 2 but still not good. My teacher chose astrophysics for us without telling us what the other options were, and then told us she didn't have time to teach it in class and gave us worksheets and videos and told us to basically teach ourselves. I could have answered a few other questions on the other options, but none of the astrophysics questions. I believe she told us she didn't have time to teach it in class because we spent a lot of class time on the IA because she gave it back to us about two and a half weeks before it was due in ManageBac. We did the experiment and a rough draft of the report in November and were told we would get it back after Thanksgiving Break (and after that, in a few weeks, then Christmas Break, ect. until we finally did get it back). I feel like I did decent on my IA, but horribly on the tests. How hard is it to get a 1 or a 0? I'm hoping for a 2 so that I'm still eligible for the diploma, I'm only at my school because I moved to the area last summer, and IB was the closest thing to my previous school, an early college high school. I don't want to move schools again, but I have some friends at the school I'm zoned for and one of my friends loves their AP program, but I love the arts programs at my school. If I do get a 1, I don't know what I'd do. I've spoken to my principal about my physics teacher and the principal is going to help me, but the tests are already over and what's done is done. Did anyone last year get 1's or 0's on any IB tests?? What are my chances of getting a 1 or 0?


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Judging by only what you said, you should be able to get a 2, which is the most likely result. Depending on how good your guesses are for paper 1 and how well you did on the IA, 3 is possible, but 1 is very unlikely if you attempted all of paper 1 and did ok on the IA.

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