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Math Applications and Interpretation vs Analysis and Approaches

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Depending on where you wanna go to if it's the UK, USA or Canada. If you're taking HL Chem and Bio, you should take math SL AA as well and you would be safe for most of the unis. Look at some of the universities you're thinking about going and look at their requirements. :)

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Ok. So basically i screwed up additional math(0606) (C-67) but got (A-86) in extended math (0580) a year before.

I took 0580 in Extended Math in June 2018, and the rest in June 2019

The rest of my grades are:

Cambridge IGCSE

Economics(0455)IGCSE A (85)

First Language English (Oral Endorsement)(0500)IGCSE A (82)

Chinese as a Second Language(0523)IGCSE A (84)

Additional Mathematics(0606)IGCSE C (67)

Music(0410)IGCSE B (76)

Computer Science(0478)IGCSE A (83)

World Literature(0408)IGCSE B (72)

Edexcel IGCSE

UMS: 140/180

UMS: 137/180

UMS: 140/180

Would I be able to do HL math, and if I manage to work really had and get a decent grade, would my Additional Math grade affect my university acceptance. I'm not very sure what I want to in terms of career choice, but I am leaning towards the sciences. I am considering medicine, but I understand the field is super competitive...

Any advice?

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How do the new IB classes compare to AP Statistics? I am currently in Analysis HL and AP Stats. Does AP Stats compensate for Analysis HL's low focus on statistics? My school only offers Approaches SL and Analysis HL.

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