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Best Highschool- Uni level maths practise or textbook???

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For the IB math HL exam I have heard from the graduates of M19 exams that slowly the exams are getting harder and that IB is tryna test us on our intuitiveness than what we can just regurgitate information or just solve problem, based on how we were taught. So in order to really prepare for my upcoming M20 exam, I assume that the textbooks wouldn't cut it, past papers MEH! I guess.... although they are essential, they probably won't give u anything for the M20 exam, cuz IB knows that we are using past papers, so they try and make exam harder and gives some hecka twisted question... that would make us cry in the examination. So for the IB math HL examination, I was thinking of looking for something big, something that is bigger than myself. I was thinking of some uni level practise-questions that is immensely good for exam practice. 

Does anyone have any suggestions???

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When I was taking Math HL in May 2015 exams, we used IB questions from last 12 years and perhaps 3 textbooks (they were photocopied so hard to tell). I think they were just old editions of oxford, cambridge and haese. Math HL is certainly difficult but you don't need questions from obscure sources to score well. It is impossible to foresee the last 2-3 IB questions on each paper. Here are some other suggestions

1a. Go over the math syllabus. Double check that you know very well how to apply the concepts covered. Some topics that some schools might gloss over is the solution to system of 3-variable linear equations (including 4 trivial cases and 3 non-trivial cases). 

1b. Look for some subject reports from recent years. Not enough teachers and students read them; the documents include examiners' feedback on areas students should work on. Make sure you spend extra time on such topics. 

2. Practice simple questions before going for hard ones. IB questions are used to assess your comprehension, not to strength it. Practice repetitive problems before IB ones. 

3. Set reasonable goals. If you have not shined in pre-IB math, it may not be the best use of time to aim for a 7. 6/7/7 in HL is usually a very very strong result and you don't have to have a 7 in math to do that. 

4. Practice pre-IB topics such that you can solve them fast and efficiently (eg 96%+ in 20s or less). These may include factoring quadratics (and sum/difference of cubes), solving system of linear equations, simplifying radicals, finding prime factorization, simplifying fractions, FOIL (expanding product of binomials), solving linear inequalities. There is simply no time on the exams to mess up on the simply things. 

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