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I need help with my physics IA. I am currently studying HL physics and have chosen to investigate the effect of damped harmonic motion on the spring constant and henceforth, the max velocity obtained and the acceleration of the mass block.

I will do this by first calculating the spring constant without friction using the mass on a spring system. Then I will investigate air resistance by making a makeshift sail to decrease the velocity of the force exerted by the spring. 

Should I use an air track to replicate a friction less surface? How should I approach this?

But also is this a good physics IA question or too basic. I am aiming for a grade 7 in the exams and this IA is even more important as my physics teacher is bad, being polite here. 

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In the most common model of friction in springs, the spring constant does not change when friction changes. It is much analogous to the way mass does not change when coefficient of friction changes. Frictional force is just an additional force, to the elastic force. With that said, I strongly recommend that you slightly change your KQ to be more physically accurate. 

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