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This is quite a long story but I'm going to make it as short as possible.

So when I first got my EE form, I put English Literature as my subject and put my two suggested supervisors who are both familiar with the subject. However, I was given a completely different supervisor who bases her teaching on VA. Though she told me I can focus on any subject like History, English or VA since she majors on them on the first meeting I had with her. Moreover, the DP Coordinator a few months ago, asked what subject my EE was and I said English whilst I had already submitted a VA EE. I don't really know why I did that, I just didn't have a proper RQ at the time and my supervisor barely gave me any advice so I just went along with it so I could at least provide the EE Coordinator with some essay for the draft. 

But when I received the feedback for my VA EE, my SP literally made me change the whole focus of my research question, so I have to basically restart again before the final submission in four days. Instead of doing it on VA, I went back to my original EE subject which was on English Literature. I'm a lot more comfortable on basing my EE on English since I'm not very familiar with Art terms as much as I am with literary techniques. But the problem is that my supervisor is refusing to give me feedback on the topic because she claims she already gave her form in and it was based on my VA EE AND now she apparently can't mark my English EE because she hasn't taught English in her life before. (literally, the other person who has her for a SP did it on English?!?!?)

Now the DP & EE Coordinator want me to stick with my VA EE and give the fees to change my registration from English to a VA EE.

Like, I understand I made a mistake by submitting a VA EE when I wrote English down, but can't they just accept my new English EE and forget about the rest? I still have a few days to receive feedback, I don't really see what their issue is. 

So idk, I'm really confused. Should I just continue with making a new VA EE or just keep pestering them to accept my new English EE? My English teacher is willing to give me feedback for it, anyways. I seriously don't have time to fix the VA EE anymore, but with English, I'm a LOT more comfortable and confident doing it. 

Also, is it actually a rule to pay a fee of $500 to change the subject registration sent to the IB? My school insists that I pay for it. 

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The fee will increase after July 15, so you have to settle before then. Please do not argue with your school administration by saying xyz on the Internet said so and so. Ultimately this conflict is between you and your school. In addition, IB will not interfere if you did not follow instructions by putting literature instead of visual arts.

First, your supervisor did nothing wrong. The supervisor cannot simply assign a research topic, and can only comment on one draft. I am not sure if there's time or if it's allowed at your school, but the only way to write an English EE is to switch your supervisor. 

You have to realize that your teachers are very busy. Your teachers do not have to accommodate you if you submit a draft in the very last few days for feedback. However, you must be very grateful if they are able to provide feedback. Part of the role of a supervisor is to authenticate your work. It should be understandable that if the supervisor did not discuss with you a literature EE, then no authentication can be provided. 

Ultimately IB is administered within your school, and the school is free to make additional requirements to what IB wants. At this time, changing EE subject is still possible, but I do not know if you can still change your supervisor. The fee is a "late subject fee between the first and second registration deadline" which is less than $100 US but I don't know the exact amount and your school can charge a higher amount. The fee is administered if the EE subject changed in the last 6 months before your exams. I would suggest that you respectfully request a supervisor change, if it is denied then you should be prepared to write a visual art EE, using the feedback you received. I do not fully understand your progress and your school's schedule: if the final draft is due in 4 days then you see it is quite impossible to assign you a new supervisor. 

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