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How do I write a history EE?

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I am halfway through my summer holiday and I have not started writing my EE because 1. I'm very confused as to how to write it in the first place 2. I don't know where to start. My supervisor left my current school and did not really give me useful advice or insight while he was there, he did not even read the semi-draft that I gave him so I still don't know if what I've done is on track or not! I've read a lot of tips on how to write history EEs but most of them contradict each other so now I'm so confused as to how I should structure or approach my question. Any advice or guide will help :(

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If you've written historical essays, it's quite similar to that. For example, with a "To what extent" question, you would support with some arguments, and counter with some more. It's just the same with the extended essay, except it's - well - extended. Go into detail about the support and counters you are providing, and detail on your conclusion. Where your conclusion in your papers would be just about a paragraph, it might be a page for the EE, considering that your arguments are detailed and long.

Try to plan out the arguments that support and counter your research question - make bullet points as you would plan out a normal historical essay.

Otherwise, it might be easy to write the introduction first. My supervisor told us to do it like this:

1. Make an interesting opening (quote, etc.)

2. BRIEFLY introduce the topic (the event, leader, etc. that you are concerned with) 

3. Discuss why your topic is controversial - basically what's the debate about it (are there many causes? effects? do historians debate it?) and lead on to why you were interested in it 

4. State your research question

5. Talk about the focus and methods - how you collected your data, what sources did you use, etc. 

6. Give a more detailed background information if there is anything further you want to introduce about the topic. 

Hope this helps and good luck!

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