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My Maths IA needs more maths!

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So I was thinking of doing my Math SL IA on the use of the Fibonacci sequence (basic, I know) when composing visuals for film and television. I am thinking of taking stills from famous movie scenes and seeing how the Fibonacci sequence is applied and why. I am just afraid that this will turn into a visual analysis instead of a mathematical exploration and was wondering how I can apply more maths into this. 


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I don't like explorations that "find maths in places". It's very hard to construct a narrative that strings all the instances you find, and the maths that you would discuss is circumstantial and without substance. A possible idea is look at connections between Fibonacci and the golden ratio, possibly with other sequences. Theoretical Math IA is the safest, it's risky to "find math in [some other field] and talk about it".

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