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I need to teach myself a years worth of material :/

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Hi, I'm taking IB 20th Century History and the HL History exam next year and took IB History of the Americas last year. (My school only offers the HL exam and there is no other option to fulfill that requirement and get my diploma so I have to take them). I got an A but that's because it was not even a class. I turned in 2 assignments all year that took about 30 minutes each at most, and read half of 2 documents. My teacher never taught us anything or gave us any resources at all. (She said the IB curriculum was dumb and gave us a few random documents but mostly we watched ted talks or she ranted about how annoying the freshmen were) However, my classmates with a different teacher and they actually learned stuff, so my whole class and I are a solid year behind. 

How do I learn all of this material in order to be prepared for the class next year in order to keep my four-point and hopefully score moderately well on the exam? Is there any all-encompassing textbook I can buy or a study guide to follow or a video series to watch?  I have the whole summer to study and the school year, so I have a fair amount of time. Anything will help, thank you!

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