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Hi all so I'm really desperate here 😓 I suck at maths and have no idea on how to progress my ia mathwise

Basically my question - 

How can I minimise costs (expenses) in order to achieve a maximum amount of profit? (in a bake sale)

I was planning to 

  • Find out the total cost of the ingredients ( with reference to the recipe from Joy Food Sunshine) 

  • Determine how many we need to break even (Break-Even chart)

  • Based on break-even number how much ingredients do we need and cost

  • Then find the ‘volume’ for the cookie dough and how to optimize the dough use 

  • Then Optimisation on profits?

But then I was told the maths is too straight forward or easy, I was planning to optimize on the 'material' of the cookie dough, but then I have no idea how to advance forward with that. I was also thinking about scrapping the optimizing the cookie dough thing math formula to model to the costs and revenue before applying calculus but have no idea how?? Any suggestions or advice??? Thank you sosososo much 


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The maximized profit is based on the supply and demand. You should ask your economics teacher at the school about how cost, revenue, marginal cost, marginal revenue, supply and demand work or find some online videos. I personally think the topic is ok, although granted a bit on the easy side of maths available. However, it is a complicated topic because of all the precise economic tools and definitions you have to apply properly. 

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