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Biology HL or Physics HL (paired with Chemistry HL) for Biomedical Engineering degree?

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Hi! I'm in Grade 11 and I'm having a little bit of a crisis about my HL subjects.

I'm highly interested in both biomedical engineering and medicine as future career options, but I don't know which combination of science HLs I should take in order to increase my chance of success in these fields. Currently, I'm taking Biology and Chemistry in HL, but I'm wondering if I should switch my Biology to Physics HL while the missed workload from Physics is still manageable, even though the thought of dropping Biology pains me.

I've been deeply passionate about science all my life and scored consistent 7s and 8s throughout the MYP (though I'm well aware DP is incomparably more rigorous than the MYP). In terms of ability, I'd say I'm better at biology than physics, though I'm equally passionate about both. I'm lucky to have a fairly good memory and enjoy memorising, but I also like being able to practically apply knowledge and genuinely adored physics when we learned it in previous grades. Math definitely isn't a talent or particular interest of mine (I ended with a final score of 6/7), but I'm willing to work hard, both to improve skill and to learn to love math. With the new math curriculum, I'm in Math Analysis and Approaches SL. 

Would biology HL or physics HL be a better subject given my passions, career interests, and abilities? Is it possible for me to get accepted into Biomedical Engineering degrees if I stick with Bio over Physics? It's extremely difficult for me to make the choice because it seems like Bio is better if I end up choosing medicine or biology-centred fields, while physics might be the safer option to open up more engineering paths. I'm going to consult with my counsellor early next week, but I'd love extra advice or input! 

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