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Do Unis Care About 4 HLs?

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Let's say that you get a decent score (~43) with 4 HLs. Will unis (especially ones in Canada and the US) be aware of the extra rigor and work undergone? 

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Let's be clear that 43 is not a "decent" score. It's a superb score.

North American schools care about grades and your portfolio (eg extracurriculars, personal projects/research, leadership and creative experience). Usually once you get 40+, they don't care whether it's 40 or 45 (because it's all predicted at that point). But say for someone who got 34. 34 with 4 HLs they might view it comparable to a 35 or even 36 with 3HLs, but not much beyond that. You should take 4HLs because you enjoy and are good at the HL courses, not because of how unis may view your scores. For example a certain HL Paper 3 might bump your marks up. Ultimately, you should be taking IB for your own benefit, not for the universities'. 

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