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Should I switch English A L&L HL to English B HL?

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I've just started IBY1 and until the end of September, I can make changes to my subjects. So I'm wondering if I should take English B HL instead of English A HL (which I'm taking now).

I've always been quite good at English however it's not my native language and that's why I'm afraid if I can handle English A HL. I'm most stressed about the interpretations and analyses of the texts during the final exams. I'm quite good at writing but I'm not sure about analyzing.

I'm also already taking 3 other HL subjects (Biology, Chemistry and Geography) and I want to make it easier for me and have the best results possible and since I'm not planning on studying anything especially English- or even humanities-related (such as English literature, law etc.), I think I won't really use the knowledge I gained in English A classes, will only have to struggle with it during the 2 years and never use it again.

Thanks in advance for any pieces of advice!!

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Why do you want to do 4 hl's in the first place, just take English A SL it will make life easier considering you are already taking 2 of the hardest subjects in IB, Bio and Chem HL and Geo HL is no walk in the park due to its content heavy syllabus and tricky exams. Seriously dont do 4 HL's especially when its English B, it will hardly make a difference.

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