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Struggling to decide on my History IA topic because I want to do a lot of stuff

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Situation:I need to hand in my IA proposal to my teacher after the Christmas holiday

I currently have a few topics in mind

1.Khmer Rouge(Inspired by the CAS trip we went to Cambodia, however, there are little official information about this part of history tho, because they don't write things down,I can only rely on stories written by the survivors)

2.Gwangju Uprising(Inspired by a Korean movie"A taxi driver", but I know nothing about this part of history yet)

3.The Hong Kong 1967 leftisits riots(I'm from Hong Kong,and have little bit of knowledge on it.Easy access to information)

I am interested in the topics above,but I'm struggling on choosing which one and what i want to investigate in these three topics. Can someone please give me some advice? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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If you have easy access to research and information on the last two, it's best to go with those which you can get quick research done on! Maybe the one on Hong Kong is better since you have some knowledge on it, but at the end pick up the one you're most passionate about. Good luck! 

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