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Carlos Microft

EE: Are novels published in Europe or USA more recognized?

This is my research so far:

I studied the winners of the 15 most recognized Literature Prizes around the world. I found just four of them give awards to works written in a different language than the one of the country which hosts the prize (I didn´t include Nobel, I just picked locally organized prizes).

Thus, as there are more resources to publish and remunerate the winners of prizes awarded by Europe or North America, the prizes given to American or Asian writers in their country are not enough to give them an international projection. The prizes given to American or Asian writers outside their country only happen after the authors are sold worldwide, and this usually happens not because the authors have won prizes but because they have good managers and editors for translation to English.

I focus in the Hispanic and English worlds. Perhaps particularly in Britain and Mexico. England has one of the two prizes by developed countries to recognize foreign authors. Mexico has one of the two prizes by not-so-developed countries to recognize foreign authors. The difference between both cases is that the British prize has only been awarded to authors published and sold around the world, while the Mexican one has been awarded to local authors (I have cases from France and Germany) because some of the judges are people in contact with the literary circles of those countries.

I´m not saying Mexico is an example for the world. Actually, I have some National Surveys from England and Mexico which prove that ironically Mexicans only read books that are sold worldwide and don´t read the ones written in their own country nor in Latin America.

So I don´t know how to narrow my topic, and I don´t even know in what subject I could classify it. The conclusion I´m hoping to get is that there should be more interaction between literary circles of different countries so that good work could be recognized without the need of being translated to the language of the countries with more tradition in literature. First should come the recognition, and then the books worthy of it could be translated and distributed world wide.

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I find your topic very...uncanny.

Not only does it lack a category, since English papers should never have this type of approach (i.e., analysis of literature), but also placing it in a category would automatically increase your chances of being marked down. Maybe anthropology, but even placing it here would mean that components of economics, politics and other items would be discussed that could distract away from scoring points. that is to say, like IB has stated, if you submit under the wrong category they only grade under the submission made - not their interpretative analysis of things.

There are a lot of generalizations made. First of all, awards themselves have so many variables involved that you would never be able to make a conjecture that is purely valid or in close proximity because you lack the knowledge of the judges perspective. You simply see the resulting award, not the components. and please do ignore statements that generalize on official websites "we picked the most influential, cultural, life-changing and new perspective book". Because these aspects dont go into actually choosing the book. There are other factors at the discussion table which are not said.

One thing you are also doing is making a cultural generalization, which is a highly sensitive approach. I personally would never in a million years, try to make some of these generalizations because you never know who is grading you - and human psychology and geentics is so diverse any educated person would know that these stereotypes don't really exist.

In an echo to this negative aspect, you state that Mexican judges are more aware or willing to extol books of different cultures. Another point that would drastically drop you.

I would just like to be plain honest with you. If I was a grader, I would think you stayed up the whole night making this topic up and that you never met with a mentor. No matter how much you tweak it, it will be poorly developed I think. If your really interested in something that will act as an extension, maybe you should looking into literature in the aspect of a clearly defined and explicit point of view in anthropology or psychology. But if you dont take these courses, then I highly doubt you will score high.
If you speak spanish, why dont you do a cultural analysis between the two countries (US other one)?

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