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hey everyone! does anyone know any good books with the theme of justice or something along the lines of that?

Any sugggestions or ideas will be appreciated :)

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If you're thinking justice as in the law, "The Outsider" (also known as "The Stranger") by Albert Camus has themes of the law and justice within it, only it was originally written in French so if you were to do an English A1 EE on it then you'd have to compare it to another book that was originally written in English. Also, whilst "The Outsider" is great for philosophical meaning, it's difficult to analyse because of the way it's written (its language...there's not that much to analyse other than when it changes from detached to heightened, really.) "The Outsider" is better for meaning (that's what my English teacher told me.) But have a read of it anyway and see what you think...it's quite a short novel.
Another good one for the theme of justice and the law is "Bleak House" by Charles ****ens. The problem with that one is that it's reallllly long, and I'm not sure if it'd be appropriate for an EE. But it does satirize lawyers and the law system.

I just thought of another one! If you're thinking more on the lines of justice as in...moral justice, karma, reaping the consequences of your actions, that kind of thing, then maybe "A Streetcar Named Desire" by Tennessee Williams? You might disagree with me, though you can interpret it in the view that the characters give into their desires and temptations, and so they reap the consequences of it. Just a thought?
Or another interesting one would be Lord of the Flies...like, when there's no presence of justice or the law, then what would happened? Maybe "justice" is an illusion of some kind? My friend says she hated the book but I quite liked it. It freaked the hell out of me...it's got some pretty interesting ideas as well.
Hope I've helped!

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