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Mathematics Forum Rules: the IA

The growing number of posts, where solutions to internal assessment tasks are given, has unfortunately led me to create a specific rule for this forum.

[b]Do not post mathematical solutions to questions about Internal Assessment tasks.[/b] IB rules clearly state that students are not allowed to gain direct help, whether oral or written, in writing their mathematics IA tasks. Thus, even if a student is desperate in proving a statement or finding the correct method to problems, you may not give the answer to him. You may, however, give an answer of general nature (without actual calculation) that will direct a student to the methods required to find a solution. For example, you might advise a student to look at solving a simultaneous equation using matrices. You may not, however, solve the matrix equation for the student.

[b]All posts containing answers to IAs will be deleted and the users responsible for these will be warned.[/b] Should further malpractice take place, the site reserves the right to report the user's IP address to the IB for further investigation.

[b]Do not ask any questions about format before reading these threads first![/b]

[u]This rule does not consider normal questions regarding math, such as those asking for an answer to a problem in a book etc.[/u]
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[size="2"]Here's an index of sorts for some current IAs that have thread on IB Survival. If you have a question about an IA that is not listed below, please start a new thread. Otherwise, add to the respective thread. =)

[info]The IAs are in circulation for two years, so some of these may have already gone out of date. If you have any comments, corrections, or updates to this growing list, please send me a PM. Thanks![/info][/size]

[b][color="#0000FF"]HIGHER LEVEL[/color][/b]

[b]Type 1[/b]

[url=""]Ratios of Areas & Volumes[/url]

Investigating Divisibility

[url=""]Segments of a Polygon[/url]

[b]Type 2[/b]


[url=""]Designing a Freight Elevator[/url]

[url=""]Height of Saplings[/url]

[url=""]Viral Illness[/url]

[url=""]Flow Rate[/url]

Probabilities in Tennis

[url=""]Running with Angie and Bonnie[/url]

[color="#0000FF"][b]STANDARD LEVEL[/b][/color]

[b]Type 1[/b]

[url=""]Infinite Surds[/url]

[url=""]Stellar Numbers[/url]

[url=""]Log Bases[/url]

[url=""]Matrix Binomials[/url]

[url=""]Infinite Summation[/url]

[url=""]Parallels and Parallelograms[/url]

[b]Type 2[/b]

[url=""]Body Mass Index -- BMI[/url]

[url=""]Population Trends in China[/url]

[color="#551A8B"][url=""]Investigation on Statistic[/url][/color]

[url="http://www.ibsurviva...s-dropping-nut/"][url=""]Crows Dropping Nuts[/url][/url]

[url=""][url=""]Fishing Rods[/url][/url]

[url="http://www.ibsurviva...ii-logans-logo/"][url=""]Logan's Logo[/url][/url]
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