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any tips...

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i picked my topic, and then went through the works page by page and wrote down every refence to my topic (with page numbers). found which few worked best and then worked around those. it really worked for me. it also helped me to make my topic clearer.

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It's good to have two books that you enjoyed reading... then find a good motif or theme that appeared in both. I liked my books and found it a lot easier to write the essay... also, try and find good quotes from the books to back-up your points. And separate into to a specific structure... I did interwoven comparative paragraphs with each paragraph focusing on a specific section of theme... other people did block comparisons... but i feel that those read in a stilted manner. Anyway, make sure you enjoy what you are writing about.

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1) Choose which two of your novels you wish to compare.
- Do not choose works that have a very obvious connection... it might be too obvious and easy to write and essay on, everyone might know about it and your essay won't be unique...
- Choose works that share a connection that you find interesting and think that you can get atleast 3 supporting arguments for (no repeats)
2) Brainstorm a list of topics for your essay from what you remember of the novel
3) Look through book the books and put sticky notes on pages you think you can use evidence/arguments from
4) Decide firmly on your topic
5) Decide on the three agruments you will use
6) Find evidence for your arguments (quotes are good)
The rest should be pretty straightforward.

I know that this comparative piece of writing is not mandatorily supposed to be a 5 paragraph 3 arguments essay... but our teacher recommended that to us... and it makes sense to do it that way since it is a writing style of most of us are very familiar with.

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